What Techniques Are Used When Cutting Hair With Thinning Shears?

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For those who have thick hair, thinning shears are often the best option when getting a haircut. By using thinning shears, the hair can be layered, thinned out, or texturized so that it is not as heavy and uncomfortable. This is especially true for those who want their hair thinner without taking a huge amount of the length from their hair when it is cut. Thinning shears can give thick, wavy hair a smoother and more polished style. These are some different techniques that are commonly used by hair stylists when cutting hair with thinning shears.

The Slithering Technique 

The slithering technique is an excellent choice for making thick hair more sleek and manageable. This is done by holding the hair away from the head at a right angle. Then, starting close to the scalp, slide the thinning shears through each section all the way to the ends of the hair. Do not open and close the shears as you slide to ensure no harsh unwanted cuts are made.

The Notching Technique 

This thinning shear technique can both thin out the hair and create very unique styles. It is also done by holding strands of hair at a right angle away from the scalp. However, this technique is done by using the tips of the thinning shears to cut sharp angles into the strands of hair.

Notching is often used on those who want their hair layered or want a spiky finish to their hairstyle. This technique is commonly used for those who have short to medium length hair that is thick or wavy.

The Point Cutting Technique 

Point cutting is done in a similar manner as notching. Although, it is more suitable for those who have longer length hair. For longer hair, point cutting is a good way to create layers and thin the hair out.

Some men prefer to have their hair cut in this manner. Point cutting is commonly used on the top of men's hair to create a short spiky look. This technique can also be used on men who have thick curly hair to give the hair a wavy, more manageable and texturized look and feel. 

The results one gets by having thinning shears used for hair cuts can vary depending on the technique that is used. The type of thinning shears used can also determine how the hair cut will turn out. Thinning shears are available in single-sided, double-sided and wide-toothed styles. Each of these can be used to create different types of stylish looks.